About Breonna

As a corporate communicator by trade, and a creative thinker via my passions, I am excited to use Vitamin Bee as an outlet for my artistic expression.  

I am an alumna of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where I studied public relations.  I am currently based out of Charlotte, N.C., and I am eager to give the world a glimpse of my life here and beyond.

Launched in 2016, Vitamin Bee aims to provide you with your most important dose of love, laughs and life’s picture perfect moments by yours truly. Feel free to prescribe yourself to my blog and learn more about my adventures surrounding my experiences with food, travel, lifestyle and all around good times. Vitamin Bee is intended to give you the rawest form of reality through my very own lens. Hope you enjoy and be sure to come back again and again, after all taking your vitamins is essential to a happy and healthy life.



  • I love all things quirky and colorful.

  • Honey mustard makes me smile.

  • Matthew 6:34 is a major key.

  • My full-length mirror from Ikea is my favorite purchase.

  • In another life I was a famous YouTube star.

  • My favorite meal of the day is brunch.

  • I’ve eaten kangaroo tail while in Australia.

  • If glitter could be a color, it’d be my fave.

  • The Wedding Planner is my favorite movie.

  • Currently falling madly in love with my life!