April/May Friday Favorites

Call this long overdue because....it is. April and May were a whirlwind. For this post of Friday favorites, we're doing something a little different. There were several favorites of the month and reasons why the past 2 months have been some of the most memorable times, yet a struggle as well.

I continuously tell myself I won't let my professional career stop me from continuing my personal passion of blogging. Unfortunately, that's been a lie, not because of lack of content but because of lack of energy. Working in communications and being behind a computer more than 40 hours a week makes it difficult to come home from a tiring day to turn on the laptop and begin writing. It's not easy and instead of holding myself accountable and giving myself structure, I let it go months before I give Vitamin Bee the attention it deserves and that I truly want to give it. So here's to not making promises, but to not letting "professional me" control all of me and all I have to give. Here's to balance and here's to the resume of Friday Favorites. 

Favorites of the Month

1. Sephora [store

A key lesson I've learned through the busy times of life over the last 2 months is to invest in yourself. I purchasing the Naked Palette, Naked 3 Palette and Urban Decay primer. Best decision ever..love the colors and pigments of the palettes. Lesson is... invest in yourself because it's so much more worth it than you really think

2. Sycamore Brewery [brewery]

I've always loved Sycamore Brewery...I mean what more could you not love....beer, cider, champagne and Food Truck Friday all in a good location. But, you grow a newfound love for this place when your friend moves in the apartment complex right beside it. Therefore, this is the new place regardless of the mood you're in. 

Here's to more days and nights with more friends at Sycamore Brewery. 

3. Friendship [life] + 4. Summer [season]

Speaking of friends...let's talk about them. These past months I've really been able to appreciate time with my friends much more, new and old. In life, schedules can get so crazy and hectic, but it's nice to stabilize and spend time with those that matter most. I don't see life slowing down anytime soon, so keeping those connections with your friends even through the crazy is necessary. 

These two months included several holidays and celebrations: Easter, Mother's Day, Cinco De Mayo and Memorial Day. The good thing about April and May is that summer is on the horizon, and no matter what stress life may bring....summer just brings all around good vibes. Over the holidays, there was great food, friends and all around fun in anticipation of this great season. Can't wait to see what other summer adventures are awaiting.