What Happened to Friday Favorites?

So, it’s been a hot minute since I last shared my favorites of the month in my Friday Favorites series. Maybe you haven’t noticed…maybe you haven’t cared, but I’d like to officially announce we are back beginning in June!

It’s no surprise I took a a few breaks on here. Life hasn’t slowed down, and the reality is…it won’t. I talked about this a little in my blog post: Feeling vs. Doing. In the post, I discussed my focus away from blogging and transformative efforts to Instagram. I also talked about my focuses for the year such as health and wellness, exploration, and traveling near and far.

In getting it all right, I really miss the consistency that Friday Favorites gave me. I posted the last Friday of each month my top faves. This time around, I’m thinking of being more specific by concentrating on themes (beauty, health, fashion, cuisine etc.) vs. being all over the place with a variety of options!

Let’s see how this goes!