March's Friday Favorites

March was a great is why. 

Favorites of the Month

1. Hello Sailor [restaurant


This new restaurant is amazing! Just from their drinks alone it's a great place. Try this new establishment on Lake Norman. There's a view and you might even have a special guest that can quack. The food is pretty good too, but the atmosphere is hands down the best place to be.





2. Kombucha [drink]


Here's to trying new drinks - especially those that are good for you.

3. St. Patty's Bar Crawl  [scene]


Rich and Bennett hosts several of Charlotte's largest pub crawls. Their pub crawls range from St Pat's, Americrawl, Tubing, Halloween and NYE Bash. I've been to 2/5 and it's been a blast. The St. Patty's crawl was the BEST TIME EVER with friends. Being extra with green may be the ultimate best time I had this month. Not only did I determine I look great in green, time seemed to not be a factor. Time seemed to move so slowly, and I was still in bed by 10. What a night. 





4. Camille Rose [products]


In the natural world realm, it can be hard to find hair products that work well for you. But, here's to finding products that are the I'm so appreciative of Target, because they are killing the game for my natural sistas. 

Camille Rose is moisturizing for my hair and the smell is excellent. I also tried the doux spray/shine mist and magical! 

Tip of the day: try new products although might be expensive, it's worth a try.