One Year Later: A Weight Loss Transformation

The last time I talked to you all about my fitness journey on here was seven months ago. I made a statement that remains with me daily. I said, “I refuse to feel anything but happiness, because we all deserve to be happy, loved and aware of how wonderful and unique we are.” I spoke to you guys about issues I faced comparing myself to the older me and the feelings of shame and discomfort it brought when I reminisced on how I used to look. I knew a year ago I had to make a change if there was any hope for me to be truly happy, inside and out.

365 days have passed and in that amount of time, so much has transpired. I’ve started a new job, I’ve been in my first wedding, I’ve traveled overseas (and had passport issues/fun), I’ve fallen more in love with Jesus….and New York City, and I’ve gained a nephew all while dropping inches and dress sizes. While I’m proud of what has taken place over this last year, I’ve also had many nights filled with tears and dealt with the emotions of loss and solitude.

Just as the good will come, so will the bad. But, I recognize the bad is necessary to continue the journey to get me (and you) to the point where I (you) need to be. A friend this week reminded me exactly about who I am by telling me, “Just remember you are a bright shiny star. You were created to live higher and be the example of joy and leadership to others. You’re different. You sparkle!!”

This year I’ve shined, and I don’t want that spark to ever go away. I continue to make outer progress and look different, yes, but I also feel like I am the person I am meant to be on the inside. I’m proud. I’m happy. I’m unapologetically me.

One Year Later. Where Am I Now.

I’ve lost weight. Not necessarily the 50 or 100 lbs that I said I wanted to lose. But each day I recognize more and more the number is a small part of what’s at stake to lose. Losing weight is great, and I would be lying to you if I said that I didn’t receive satisfaction when I step on the scale and see the number decrease. One year later, I’ve lost 40 lbs from my starting weight and am at my lowest that I can remember.

I love that quantifiable progress and it brings me joy. But, what brings me even more joy than shedding those lbs is accomplishing workouts and exercises that were once hard for me to do. What gives me joy is completing workout challenges with my friends. What gives me joy is making it past the finish line of a 5K in a decent time (when I never thought that would be a possibility…I’m basically a runner now y’all). Losing weight is great, but it can also be deceiving and make you feel stagnant when you don’t see the scale shift. Building muscle is real and shedding inches is equally real…it’s a joint affair. Losing weight is great but gaining strength and confidence is even greater.

Me Then. Me Now. Me Side by Side.

So much has changed physically, but so much more has changed within. I’m much more confident. I’m much more proud. But I’m also much more of an example to anyone that if I can take this on and make progress in a year, you can do it too! Can’t wait to see what the next 365 days brings!

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